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Our strength is working with our guests to bring their safari dreams to life. Every element of our safaris is designed with each individual or group in mind.
And the possibilities are limitless.

The combination of destinations and lodges is just the beginning. The real magic for us is in the detail. An early morning hunt with the Hadzabe tribe, walking with lions, private sundowners, day hikes that meander off the beaten track, dinner under the stars, the Great Migration from a hot air balloon at sunrise and swimming under waterfalls. We weave these together to create each guest’s vision for the perfect African safari. 


Our itineraries are designed to inspire and give

an idea of what is possible.

Personalised Safari_1.png

Personalised Safari

The idea of a the ultimate safari is as unique as our guests are. We work with our guests to curate itineraries with the perfect balance of adventure, culture and wildlife.

Sample Personalised Itineraries



Honeymoon Safari copy.png

Honeymoon Safari

Few places evoke such visions of romance as Tanzania. World class safari lodges and Zanzibar’s mix of Arabian architecture and palm fringed beaches make it hard to imagine a place more perfectly suited to a honeymoon.

Sample Honeymoon Itinerary

Migration Safari.png

Migration Safari

The annual movement of over a million zebra and wildebeest through the Serengeti ecosystem as they seek out greener pastures is the stuff bucket lists are made of. 

Sample Migration Itineraries

Family Safari_1.png

Family Safari

Tanzania offer's nature’s ultimate playground for children. While game drives in the national parks are the main event, cultural interactions, zip-lining, bike rides and waterfalls help create the perfect  family adventure.

Sample Family Itinerary

Mountain Climbinb Safari.png

Mountain Climbing

For many, the goal is to conquer the highest peak in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain in the world. We love helping our guests scale new heights while maintaining the highest standards of quality, safety and ethics.

Sample Climbing Itinerary

Hiking Safari_1.png

Hiking Safaris

We absolutely love taking our guests deep into wild spaces that can only be reached on foot. Tanzania abounds with breathtaking places to wander through. Think walking safaris across the Serengeti’s plains, traversing Mt Kilimanjaro’s Shira Plateau or hiking through Ngorongoro forests. 

Sample Hiking Itinerary

Personalised Safari
Mountain Climbing
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