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Safari Republic was born out of a love for Tanzania. We are an owner-operated company. We are involved in every aspect of planning your trip, from working with you to create the perfect itinerary to meeting you on the ground in Tanzania.

How We Work

At the core of how we work is a commitment to working closely with our guests to create adventures that are personal and individualised with meticulous planning, leveraging our expert knowledge of Tanzania. We have a great network of partners that we work with to create exceptional travel experiences.


Environmentally Sustainable

We are passionately aware of the impacts of tourism, particularly in developing countries. We minimise our environmental impact on safari by minimising our plastic waste, providing our guests with reusable drink bottles, and providing picnic lunches that do not use disposable plastic. We favour accommodation partners that operate with values around sustainability.


Community Minded

We understand that tourism can change the lives of Tanzanians and we aim to ensure that the benefits of tourism are enjoyed by many. We work with locally owned suppliers and support businesses who also help others. We are committed to ensuring that young Tanzanians that come from small communities are given opportunities to work as the next generation of guides.


Professional & Personable Crew

Combined we have decades of experience in the safari industry. Our team are passionate safari professionals dedicated to creating the perfect safari for our guests. 

Our exceptional guides are some of the best in the industry and have on average 10 years of experience. They know the bush and they are wonderful company. 



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